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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Cook's Warehouse Revisited

This post originally appeared on the Taste and Savor blog on March 30, 2011

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of assisting Chef Nancy at two different cooking classes at The Cook's Warehouse. It seems like only yesterday, that I attended my first cooking class, at the then, new Cook's Warehouse on Amsterdam Ave. I was a single twenty-something on a girl's night out. I remember being in awe of the store and giddy with excitement about seeing my first live cooking demonstration. The Chef's for the class were April Moon and Lynne Sawicki. I know this, not because of my brilliant memory, but because I still have the recipe handout from that evening's class. We learned how to make Linguini Puttanesca, Tomato Basil Salad, Tuna Carpaccio and Tiramisu. All those years ago, I could not have imagined that one day I would return to The Cook's Warehouse, not as a student, but as, dare I say it, a professional. Okay, so I am still dreaming of one day being the featured chef at a Cook's Warehouse class, however, being there as a Sous Chef to Chef Nancy was enough to make me as giddy as I had been the first time I set foot in the store all those years ago. The Cook's Warehouse has expanded to a total of three stores over the years and has moved from it's original location on Amsterdam Avenue. The kitchens that I worked in at Brookhaven and Midtown were beautiful and the volunteer staff was exceptional. I had a great time helping out with the Gluten-Free Class and the South African Food and Wine Paring last Saturday and look forward to more chances to work with Chef Nancy at these stores. Mostly, I have enjoyed the little walk down memory lane that this experience has brought me and proud of how far I have come as a cook over the past few years. I think I will dust off the recipe sheet from my first class and serve up some Linguini Puttanesca for dinner this evening. As always, I am Tasting and Savoring Life and enjoying every minute of it!

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