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Market Finds
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Friday, June 21, 2013

Playing With Fire

What is it about guys and their grills?  Even my little guy has been curiously observing his dad, uncles, grandpas and other adult males partake in the ritual of grilling his whole life.  As of late, though, he has moved from observer to full on participant.  Not only can he build a fire, he also wants to be hands on in the preparation of the meat or veggies going onto the fire.  Of course I am immensely proud of his can do attitude, but being the kitchen control freak that I am, I must admit that I have had a bit of difficulty relinquishing my salt and pepper shaker to him.  I have typically been the dutiful wife/daughter who seasons up the meats and delivers them on a platter to the guy who is manning the grill, then retreats back to the kitchen. Only to emerge outside later to gently remind the grill master that eventually, it would be nice to eat. 

We have been grilling a lot at home this summer, even when time and weather are not conducive to striking up the charcoal grill, the hand indoor grill is a fun option.  Ironically, my semi-vegetarian child loves to grill lamb chops.  I suppose an underlying caveman-like instinct, present in most males is responsible for this.  I just go with it.  I enjoy the occasional lamb chop and always chant a sweet victory cheer when either of my children eat something outside of the kids menu trifecta of hot dogs, chicken nuggets and grilled cheese.

Grilling has turned out to be a wonderful diversion in my continuing effort to educate my children about eating healthier.  You can make an entire meal on the grill and spend some precious time outside, away from the television, X-box and the other technological diversions that seem to always intrude in our lives.
So grab some olive oil, salt and pepper and your tongs and season up your favorite meats and veggies and get grilling.  The beauty of the grill is that most of the flavor in your finished product comes from the smoke, so you really don't need any complicated recipes.  Hit the farmer's market for some fresh, local ingredients and enjoy some quality time outside with your friends and family this summer.